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Shop4freebies is the web's premier savings site and is widely regarded as the original 'real samples' site on the net.

For the past five years Shop4freebies has been dedicated to bringing you genuine free products, samples, coupons & bargains from the nation's favorite brand names. Over the years, we've helped millions of people access totally free products by working with some of America's largest and most trusted companies.

The website was founded in 2006 and quickly stood out amidst the flood of misleading sites that prevailed at the time. Shop4freebies was the first site to offer consumers access to a wide range of 100% genuine free samples and deals, whilst avoiding this misleading offers often all too prevalent in the 'free site/ savings' business.

Shop4freebies brought with it an integrity not previously seen within the industry. It introduced a more transparent layout with freebie lists consisting of images and clear, concise text, letting users know exactly what they are signing up for. Because of this formula there are now literally thousands of websites and blogs trying to imitate the Shop4freebies' formula.

Shop4freebies many innovations include the introduction of the genuine "Daily Free List", a feature which has become standard across the industry today.

Despite these many attempted imitations, Shop4freebies remains to this day the most popular and respected savings site on the net, with approximately 1.5 million visitors per month and around 2.8 million page views.

Each day a new list of genuine free samples are added to our front page, we also offer extensive coupon listings to help you save every time you shop at your favorite stores, you will never have to pay full retail again. And don't forget our friendly forum where you can meet with others to share your latest savings finds, discover freebie hunting tips and discuss the best coupons, discounts and more. No doubt you will make some new friends along the way too!

Shop4freebies - the original and still the best genuine savings website.
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