This is so cute for the kids (and adults!)!  Create a FREE Custom Christmas Video from Santa Claus!

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Tanya Says:
2 years, 11 months ago
I did this year before last for my granddaughter and she loved it when she saw it on the computer but I decided I wanted a copy of it to keep for her and I paid for it but never received it. I emailed them and went on their website and facebook page but never heard from them again!!!
carolyn Says:
4 years ago
it tells me theres an error on line 5, so the link is bad.
kathleen Says:
4 years ago
I love this I am now sending them to my nieces and nephews and they love them too
Kristy Smith Says:
4 years ago
It doesn't work on mobile devices.
Jatia Says:
4 years ago
Loved it! The free video is awesome and just in time for X-mas.
Tim Says:
4 years ago
Hana - it is free - you just have to click at the bottom right hand corner for the free version. I love this! Kids will get such a kick out of this!
Hana Says:
4 years, 12 months ago
Bummer! It costs $3.99 now. And I just filled out the whole thing, wondering if it might still be freee. But can't even see it as a sample. You have to pay.
Susan Says:
5 years ago
I just sent this to my 4 yr. old grand daughter and grand son last night. They were so excited and both said they were gonna do better on cleaning their rooms and picking up their toys. My kids were amazed by it themselves!!!!
Marsha Says:
6 years ago
I sent this to my 4 year old Grandson and he was ecstatic that Santa knew his name and where he lived AND had pictures of him. He talked back to the video and had to tell everyone that he had a video on the computer from Santa!
This was adorable. I suggest it to everyone who has little kids
Rita Says:
6 years ago
This was FANTASTIC!!!! My 10 yr old was so surprised!!! and happy!!
Elba Avery Says:
6 years ago
I just love that christmas video,from santa,that was so cool Thank you
Lorraine Says:
6 years ago
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