Grab a FREE Brew Over Ice Snapple K-Cup Sample Pack (must answer “Yes”)! Allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery!
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Zipperpeas Says:
2 years, 11 months ago
Where is the YES button.
Kerri Says:
3 years ago
Giveaway has ended
Beth Black Says:
3 years ago
ERROR LOADING MEDIA: FILE COULD NOT BE PLAYED ... the video will not play and therefore will not allow me to request a sample ... bummed :(
Judith Smith Says:
3 years ago
Video would not play for me. Of course samples were already gone.
ls Says:
3 years ago
video did not play for me either. but i'll try again.
ls Says:
3 years ago
i just tried it again , the video did n't work but it took my info and said thank you . sample is on the way.
Terra Patterson Says:
3 years ago
The video would not play for me!!! Tried it two days in a roll
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